Our specialisation


Sports-Specific Training

Together, our expertise in sports medicine and amenities makes 

GOODHAB an ideal choice for athletes of all levels.

Programs are in place to monitor the athlete’s progress and make sure they are performing at their highest level.

 A healthy combination of training 

and treatment is a great way to help prevent injuries 

as well as improve performance.


Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an innovative system used to evaluate movement patterns that are 

critical to proper function.

 The screen is comprised of fundamental movements – each 

requiring  a balance of mobility and stability. 

It readily identifies individuals  with functional limitations and 

asymmetries that may lead to injury.

Based on your FMS results, our therapists will prescribe specific corrective exercises to help prevent injuries and 

improve athletic performance.


Run Club

Running can be risky business when it comes to overuse injuries. Each year, more than 50% of runners sidelined with an injury. 

Whether you’re looking to get back to pounding the pavement after injury, improve your performance, or stay injury-free, 

our comprehensive running analysis will help to 

decrease your risk of running injuries  and 

improve your running performance.

The evaluation will include the following:

· Physiotherapy Assessment to identify potential imbalances 

and risks factors for injuries

· Footwear/shoe evaluation and recommendation

· Video recorded biomechanical assessment of

 running on a treadmill

· Individualized Home Exercise and Return to Running Programs

Detailed Running Analysis Report will be provided that includes 

summary of findings and recommendations for the future.


Golf Club

GOODHAB offers training for golfers looking to get their bodies in shape and improve their athletic ability for the Golf.

Our Golf Performance Services:

Standarized Golf Screen: Using the International standard of 

golf screen in combination with a thorough orthopedic screen, 

we assess your flexibility, core stability, balance and 

strength limitations affecting your swing.

Golf Fitness Assessment: Let's break down your fitness level 

to see where you excel and where you need work. 

We will evaluate your strength, stability and 

power as they relate to the golf swing.

Individualized Exercise Plan: With our custom program, you can now use your gym time to not only get in shape, but improve 

your golf game from tee to green.  We take the time to 

teach proper exercise technique and walk you through 

each step of a custom exercise plan.


Personal Training & Fitness

GOODHAB offers customized, biomechanically corrective training program that improves your fitness level to a par.

Our way of FITNESS:

.Assess your individual abilities and needs.

.Personalize your workouts so that they 

help you achieve your goals.

.Ensure you are doing exercises correctly and provide instant feedback on how to adjust your posture, motion, and

 exertion to get maximum results and prevent injury.

.Keep gradual progression of your workouts as 

you gain in  strength and endurance.

.Keep your workouts interesting and fun, introducing you to using different equipment to work the same muscle group


Ergonomic Solutions

Under the prevention program of rehab, GOODHAB provides 'Ergonomic Solutions' for the corporate organizations. This will not only helps in better health of the employees, increase in productivity, but also reduce work compensation & 

financial benefits to the organization.

Ergonomic Solution includes:

Posture Assessment

Ergonomic education

Work-station ergonomic assessment

Prevention program as per occupation

Follow-up screening and solutions


Corporate Health

In today's corporate culture, privatization and sedentary life style; not only adults but also school going children & adolescent's health is compromised. 

GOODHAB has come up with vision to create awareness 

as well as to provide a comprehensive evaluation and 

training of the groups of individuals.

We provide offers to:

Corporate Organisations

International schools

Sports academy

Our Corporate Health Services:

.Fitness Screening: A Comprehensive Analysis

.Group training

.Individualized training