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Patient-Centered Care


Our team will support you

in building a healthier you, having a team will keep you on the path in meeting them.

We work towards achieving the realistic goals together.

GOODHAB provides efficient

and best-informed practice to improve your 'Quality of Life'.

Patient Education


GOODHAB believes, the foundation

of successful goal achievement is

quality patient care and education.

Our team of clinicians will ensure

that you fully understand the scope of your injury, potential causes, how it affects your

body, and how to manage it in the long run.

We’ll also provide advice on

how to go about your day-to-day activities

and the best approach to return in

your regular sport or activity.


Active Rehabilitation


We offer Active Rehabilitation programs which include 1-on-1 sessions with a Physiotherapist. 

The goal of Active Rehabilitation is to help you return to normal function with 

pain-free movement...

Sports Physiotherapy


Our team of physiotherapists has unparalleled experience working with athletes of all

levels, and many have been trained in the highest standard of care through Sport


Orthopedic Physiotherapy


Our approach is comprehensive evaluation which is followed by evidence-based


Pre/Post Surgical Rehab


Many patients turn to orthopedic surgery for the ability to return to sports and

recreational activities after an injury....

Neuro Rehab


At GOODHAB, our therapists utilize the NDT (Neurodevelopmental Treatment) 


Bobath models to frame our physiotherapy practice...

Geriatric Care


Physiotherapy is a proven way for elders to reduce pain and improve their mobility. we

administer a comprehensive and effective Physiotherapy program...

Women's Health


Women's health is a prime concern.

 Our team can discuss and assess your

musculoskeletal concerns...

Amateur Athletes Training


Sports is one of the mean to stay fit. To make it incessant, We evaluate individual

physical & physiological needs and 

plan a customized exercise program...

Cardio-pulmonary Rehab


Cardio-pulmonary physiotherapy is an area of physiotherapy that specialists in the

prevention, rehabilitation, and...

Balance/Vestibular Rehab


We provide vestibular physiotherapy and rehabilitation at GOODHAB. 

Our therapists are trained in taking a detailed history and performing a comprehensive assessment which covers...

Advanced Electrotherapy


We offer a variety of advanced electrotherapy treatments used to promote healing, 

relieve pain, reduce swelling, and 

facilitate muscle contraction.


These modalities include...